KeyNote Concerts

With an acoustic guitar, unforgettable stories, a captivating singing voice, a charismatic stage presence, and original songs that inspire to the core, Peter is a Motivational Keynote Speaker who creates an experience so unique and dynamic that his audiences are ignited to take action every time! This is more than your everyday keynote.
This is a “Keynote Concert,” where Peter’s powerful speech COMBINED with his live concert create a memorable experience that will stand out as the highlight of your event!

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Want an Emotional Highlight for Your Special Day?

Imagine having your love story brought to life in your own custom song to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Peter will make your wedding a truly special event with this special song for you. Use it for your first dance at your wedding. Listen to it year after year on your anniversary.  Peter will write a song that captures the essence of your love. This will be your love story in song.


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Peter is available to write a song for any occasion. To discuss your song you may contact him via email or phone.


Speakers & Seminars

Peter Sykes will turn your mission and message into a song your audience can connect to on an emotional level. Nothing makes more of an impact than music. It affects people on a deep level. More effective than Powerpoint Presentations, flip charts or data. Bring the energy up in the room and have your message transform and make an impact. Have your audience experience something they will remember –
Your message in song.